Contact Details of the Authors of the Project "BLACK WIDOW Bites Intoxication Treatment"

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The Danube Basin Hospital of the Water Transport, Izmail City, Odessa region, Ukraine
Centre for Extracorporal Detoxication and Blood Gravity Surgery

Phones for Refrences:

Chief Physician: Dr. Alexander I. Verba, MD  +038 (04841) 2-51-95, 2-40-66

Detoxication Dept.: Dr. Sergiy I. Shatilov, MD  +038 (04841) 2-14-25

Hospital Receptionary: +038 (04841) 2-01-75

   Area of Habitation and the Specimen Description | Clinical Pattern and Diagnostics of the Bites | Methods of the Urgent Aid and Treatment  


2005, Sergiy I. Shatilov, MD.
Translated by Sergiey A. Kechkin