The Centre for Extracorporal Detoxication and Gravitative Blood Surgery

The Danube Basin Hospital at the Water Transport, Izmail City
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 председатель комиссии по здравоохранению и социальной защите населения.

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Quality and Safety are the Essence of the Centre Activities.
Quality is a capability to meet the demands and hopes of the patient.

  The Mail Principles of Our Activities:
- everyone participates in providing quality;
- everyone is aware what to do and how to do;
- everyone strives to improve quality and qualification;
- everyone accumulates, applies and spreads advanced knowledge.

     The Centre of Extracorporal Detoxication and Gravitational Blood Surgery was established in 1993 on the base of advanced technologies of afferent medicine. By now the scope of treatment methodics  was enriched with new licensed in Ukraine developments carried on by the Centre staff.
1997 Patented in Ukraine № 93007661 dated Nov.10, 1993 г. "Treatment Method of Cases with Body Intoxication".
1998 г. Patented in Ukraine № 95040481 dated April 03, 1995 г. "Cuvette for Blood Irradiation".
2002 г. Patented in Ukraine № 46956А dated June 17, 2002  "Method of Treatment of Cases of the Black Widow Venom".
Since 1995 in the Centre the Software Program for Computerized Dispanserization was introduced.
In 2002 full-text medical Web-magazine "Danube Medical Herald amed after Dr. Andrey Popov" was issued. Web-Address:
In 2003 urgent medical service was equipped with radiotelephones.
In 2004 Regional Medical Consultation Web-Service.
In 2004 LAN was created in the Hemopheresis Department.

     From long ago people assigned mystical significance to the blood as an origin of vital power. The direct impact on the blood is the impact of the entire regulatory power of human body since it is in blood where immunity complexes, hormones, toxins germs and viruses circulate.  
     Methodics of extracorporal blood purification in the modern world construe an integral element of treating various diseases, caused by failures in immunity systems, such as Bronchial Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neurodermitis and many others.
Blood purification where blood is processed with UV or laser radiation provides good results in treatment from chronic infectious and phlogistic diseases of breathing organs and genitourinary diseases, resisting to medicamentous treatment, such as Trophic Ulcer, Discirculatory and Endocrinous failures.
     The application of effective methods of extracorporal blood purification in therapy of various serious diseases brings impressive results: time of hospitalization reduces significantly; amount and dosage rates of applied medicines lessen; side effects of the medicines are practically excluded. As a result, apparent stable positive effects and favourable long-term forecast.

Plasmapheresis & Hemosorbtion - selective extraction from blood pathological substances (antibodies, toxins, immune complexes), being the essential cause of a number of diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, hepatitis, pancreatits, diabetics, toxoplasmosis, pregnancy toxicosis, allergy, etc.

BPM (Blood Photomodification) - physiological immunomodulation of immediate action. Increases defensive forces, stimulates metabolism, accelerates the wounds healing (acute and chronic infections, flu, allergies, acute and trophical ulcers, reduces alcohol intoxication).

Blood Electrochemical Oxidation - indirect electrochemical blood oxidation - allows to combat with toxins and poisons (poisoning, intoxications, allergies), unique aid in cases of the Black Widow spider bites.

Laser Therapy - restoring the tonus of vascular system, improving blood flow, stimulating epythelization, elimination of spasm in brain vascular system, sedative effects, restoration of good sleeping.

Lymphotropic and Endolymphatic Therapy - transferring medicines directly to the affected organ of area (epycentral therapy), allows to reduce daily dosage rate and to increase concentration of medicine in the affected organ (pneumonia, tuberculosis, chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis, adnexitis, hydradenitis, prostatitis, etc.).

"LYPOSONIC" - lymph flow US-stimulation, trophics improvements (local swellings, cellulitis, liposis, post-operation lymphostasis).

Acute Hemodialisis  (artificial kidney) - blood purification through capillary strainer in cases of acute kidneys failure in some cases of intoxications and diseases.

At the reception - Dr.-Nephrologist 
 Elena V. Rykova

Head of the Centre: 
Dr. Sergey I. Shatilov, toxicologist physician of the higher category, Member of Ukrainian Toxicologists Society, Member of Moscow Hemopheresis Society, Editor of the medical Webmagazine "The Danube Medical Herald named after Dr. Andrey Popov", Member of  "Innovation Projects Support Asociation", author of 4 inventions, a number of treatment methods and medical articles .

182, Zheleznyakov Street, Izmail City, Odessa Region, 68600-Ukraine 
Tel: +038 (04841) 2-51-95, 2-14-25,  E -mail:

ВAll the processes with blood involve only disposable facilities.
The Centre cooperates closely with multi-profile biochemical laboratory, providing assistance in diagnostic and treatment dynamics control and all the departments of the hospital. Ultrasonic Research Department is especially useful.

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2005, Sergiy I. Shatilov, MD. Contact Address
Translated into English by Sergiy A. Kechkin